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10 Helpful Hydration Tips

If you have had wls, your tummy has a smaller capacity now & getting enough fluids can be a challenge. See below for some helpful tips on hydration post-op:

Tips for staying hydrated after wls:

1. Start drinking early in the day. Don’t w

ait! The recommended rate is 1 cup/hour according to obesity help.

2. Carry fluids with you all day while you are out and in the car. I had an issue tracking my fluid amounts to start with because I drank so slow that by the time I drank ½ of a glass of water, it would be hot, so I would fix another glass of ice water, but it was nearly impossible to track. I recommend the metal insulated cups that can keep your ice water cold for days. I keep one with me at all times during the day (even at church and work)!

3. Do not drink your calories! Make sure your fluids are calorie free (water has ZERO calories)- Chose sugar free, decaf and non-carbonated fluids. Avoid waters containing carbohydrates and added sugars like Gatorade.

4. Do not drink with your meals and don’t drink for 30 minutes before and after your meals.

5. All fluids must be decaffeinated! If they contain caffeine it does not count towards your fluid intake. Caffeine is a diuretic which dehydrates the body.

6. NO Carbonation! It can stretch your pouch & undo all of your hard work!

7. Sip..Sip..Sip- do not gulp. Take no more than 3 small sips at a time to prevent nausea. This is hard sometimes when you are working out or sweating, but you just have to get into this new habit.

8. You can try to use a straw!! This may enable you to achieve your fluid needs-allows you to sip, sip, sip! If you feel gassy or find yourself burping… Stop using the straw!

9. Try sugar-free popsicles as a sweet treat that helps cool you off & helps with hydration. These are still on my grocery list every time!

10. Premier Protein Clear is a new protein supplement that is not a shake, but like a flavored water. The taste is great, counts for your fluids, and contains 20 g of whey protein.

What to drink?

Water, vitamin water zero, Sobe life water, decaf coffee or teas, Propel, Premier Protein Clear, sugar-free popsicles, Powerade Zero, Crystal Light, or try infusing your own water.



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