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My favorite mantras!

Below are some of my favorite mantras. These are thoughts that I redirect my mind to think instead of the negative self-talk.

  • Everything happens FOR you (Not to you) right on time.

  • It was meant to happen the way it did.

  • You are exactly as you should be.

  • God doesn’t make mistakes.

  • Your value is God-Granted, inherent and unchangeable by anything you do/don't do.

  • Everyone has the same God-Granted value of a unique creation.

  • You are not your mind; you are the Watcher of your mind.

  • Love is always an option.

  • Unconditional love for yourself and others is a gift you give yourself.

  • You are responsible for everything you think and feel.

  • No one else can cause an emotion inside you.

  • People are allowed to behave the way they want, and you are allowed to react the way you want.

  • It’s not what you do; it’s who you are.

  • There is nothing you can do that wouldn’t be worthy of forgiveness.

  • There is nothing wrong with you.

  • You are enough.

  • Nothing has gone wrong here; everything so far has led you up to being the awesome, perfectly imperfect person you are supposed to be right now!

  • You are here to get to work on yourself.

  • Your purpose is the life you are living now.

  • You are deeply loved.

  • The world longs for what you have to offer.

  • There is nothing you truly want that you can’t have.

  • Hard work feels amazing.

  • You can do hard things.

  • Familiarity is not the same thing as comfort.

  • Suffering is sometimes familiar but not necessary.

  • Worry serves no purpose.

  • There is plenty of time. You could do twice as much.

  • Everything you do is a choice.

  • Your past is perfect.

  • There is nothing anyone else can do to make you happy—that’s your job.

  • What you do doesn’t make you happy rather what you think does.

  • What you look for, you will find.

  • You don’t have fun—you are fun.

  • What others think of you—whether positive or negative—is about them and not you.

  • Trying to get someone to love you to feel love is like getting someone else to eat so you can feel full.

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